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Fibreglass Fly Screens

  • Fibreglass fly screens can be custom fabricated to any size.
  • Sick of being eaten by those pesky flies and mosquitoes fly screens are a simple and cost effective way to prevent this issue.
  • A massive range of frame colours are available, perfect if you need to match windows or doors that are already existing.
  • Do your existing fly screens have holes, rips, tares or pet damage? LSGA can help it is a easy fix.
  • If you would like a quote on some new or to replace existing LSGA can quote of simple sizes provided by yourself height x width of each screen.


  • Retractable screens – for openings where you require an opening fly-screen either from side to side or bottom to top.
  • Retractable screens come in all types of styles and strengths for different areas of use.
  • Pleated, double pleated, low profile, vertical door and window screens, zero gravity, double cassette, single cassette.
  • Retractable screens are used in areas that are unable to have the standard fly screens installed and are fit to ensure ease of access through a doorway or window opening.


  • Pawproof – heavier gauge fibreglass to help prolong the wear and tear from Pets compared to normal mesh, Pawproof mesh can be re-meshed into your existing screens, or put into new screens


  • Kids Safe Screens are flexible fibreglass mesh outlined above in the ‘Pawproof Mesh’ section; it is a heavy gauge flyscreen that has a metal clip that stops the mesh from falling out.
  • The Kids Safe Screen option provides an additional option that sits between the stainless steel mesh and the diamond grille varieties .
  • It is not a security screen in that it can be cut with a knife, but it is strong enough to pass all of the Australian Standards for use on second story houses.
  • So it is a good option for anyone who does not have the budget for stainless steel mesh but does not wish to obscure their view with diamond grille screens.